A Free Zip Code Database

Database Format

Document encoding: Plain ASCII

First Row: Field names in double quotes

Field Delimiter: Comma 

Text Fields: Enclosed in double quotes 

Line Delimiter: CRLF

Name			Type		Description
Zipcode			Text		5 digit Zipcode or military postal code(FPO/APO)
ZipCodeType		Text		Standard, PO BOX Only, Unique, Military(implies APO or FPO)
City			Text		USPS offical city name(s)
State			Text		USPS offical state, territory, or quasi-state (AA, AE, AP) abbreviation code
LocationType		Text		Primary, Acceptable,Not Acceptable
Lat			Double		Decimal Latitude, if available
Long			Double		Decimal Longitude, if available
Location		Text		Standard Display  (eg Phoenix, AZ ; Pago Pago, AS ; Melbourne, AU )
Decommisioned		Text		If Primary location, Yes implies historical Zipcode, No Implies current Zipcode; If not Primary, Yes implies Historical Placename
TaxReturnsFiled		Long Integer	Number of Individual Tax Returns Filed in 2008
EstimatedPopulation	Long Integer	Tax returns filed + Married filing jointly + Dependents
TotalWages		Long Integer	Total of Wages Salaries and Tips