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Database Updated: 1/22//2012

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Sorry, No County information. Postal Service delivery areas are not designated by county.

Several people have requested greater precision in the Latitude and Longitude. The values are provided to two decimal places or more. Since a degree of latitude is about 62 miles, one one-hundredth is .62 miles, Similarlly, for the populated places in the US, a degree of latitudes is less than 65 miles. So the numeric values are a single point falls within a quite small area of about a mile for rounding errors. This is far more numerical precision than actual geograhic reality. Zip codes represent delivery routes for the post office. Occasionally as well defined as a single building, or several hundred miles of wilderness, or even a moving ship(no locations for these, of course), usually they are several square miles and the issue is not the number of decimal places. If you find that a zipcode is not at the location listed, please let me know so we can research it and find more accurate locations.


NEW Zipcode database based on suggestions of over 100 people.

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Free Zipcode Database (8.7 MB) Updated 1/22/2012 All Locations (Multiple locations for some zipcodes)

Free Zipcode Database (4.2 MB) Updated 1/22/2012  Primary location only ( Just one "Primary" location for each Zip code)

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First Row: Field names in double quotes

Field Delimiter: Comma ","

Text Fields: Enclosed in double quotes "

Line Delimiter: CRLF

Name Type Description
Zipcode Text 5 digit Zipcode or military postal code(FPO/APO)
ZipCodeType Text Standard, PO BOX Only, Unique, Military(implies APO or FPO)
City Text USPS offical city name(s)
State Text USPS offical state, territory, or quasi-state (AA, AE, AP) abbreviation code
LocationType Text Primary, Acceptable,Not Acceptable
Lat Double Decimal Latitude, if available
Long Double Decimal Longitude, if available
Location Text Standard Display  (eg Phoenix, AZ ; Pago Pago, AS ; Melbourne, AU )
Decommisioned Text If Primary location, Yes implies historical Zipcode, No Implies current Zipcode; If not Primary, Yes implies Historical Placename
TaxReturnsFiled Long Integer Number of Individual Tax Returns Filed in 2008
EstimatedPopulation Long Integer Tax returns filed + Married filing jointly + Dependents
TotalWages Long Integer Total of Wages Salaries and Tips

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